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Maria Cabello is a brand built on our passion for quality. We believe that women are powerful and can achieve anything they commit themselves to, so whatever you do, do it with the best quality hair- Maria Cabello Hair


Maria Cabello Hair was established in 2019 by Victoria Gonzales. As a lifelong lover of everything that involved beauty & hair, Victoria found herself overwhelmed by countless interactions with poor quality hair and bad customer service. Wanting to make a change and  push the boundaries in the beauty industry she began to do extensive research. It was then, that she was finally able to start putting pieces together. She found her passion and realized the only way to fix the problem in the industry was to become the solution. With much careful thought and prayer, she launched her company in October of 2019. Upon launching her brand Maria Cabello Hair, Victoria’s hair company has made a stamp in the game with there amazing products coupled with customer-centric service. As we continue to grow, one thing we never forget is that every woman who contacts and trusts Maria Cabello  Hair to fulfill their hair care needs is a person who deserves to feel as beautiful as possible... and that’s where we come in. What does the future hold for Victoria and the empire Maria Cabello Hair? The possibilities are endless.